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HDTV & TV Repair in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Our technicians in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, perform accurate HDTV and other types of TV repair that gives new life to your units. For more information, call Intrepid TV Repair, Inc. at (717) 233-4388.

Full-Service TV Repair

To better accommodate owners of all types of televisions, we repair HDTV, plasma, LCD, LED, and DLP TVs. Service for these TVs can take one to seven days, depending on how long it takes to for any necessary parts to arrive. When work is completed, we return your television to you in great condition.

In-Home Service

Save time and effort with our convenient in-home service or you can bring your TV to our shop. We are a factory authorized service center for Sharp™, Toshiba™, Mitsubishi™, Panasonic™ (Concierge Service), Philips™, Magnavox™, and Symphonic™. Additionally, we perform out-of-warranty repairs RCA™, Pioneer™, Sony™, and Samsung™ brands.

LCD TV, TV Repair in Harrisburg, PA


Our in-home service charge is $125. This covers the trip charge and diagnostic fee ($99). Mention you found us on this website and save.

If the unit is small enough to bring in, our in-shop diagnostic fee is $50, which goes towards the final repair bill. Advertised prices do not include Pennsylvania sales tax. Our labor rates are as follows:

Laptops: Typically $75 to $150 (Depends on the Issue)


• LCDs under 40 Inch—$81
• LCDs 40–52 Inch—$125
• Plasmas 40–52 Inch—$150
• LCDs Larger than 52 Inch—$175

• Plasmas Larger than 50 Inches—$200
• DLPs and LCD Projection—$150

Contact our TV repair technicians in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for service that restores quality sound and pictures to your televisions.